Hello world!

‘Honey, this is delicious! You should make it again” I hear that pretty often, the trouble is I create most of my meals as I go along. I usually have a basic recipe but make many additions according to my mood.  So I thought I would start this blog specifically for my recipes and  general observations about my little culinary corner of the world.

Cooking is my creative outlet. It is my therapy. With a demanding job, three teenage boys, and a very active social calendar, I center myself in the kitchen. When I’m happy I cook. When I’m stressed I cook. When I’m bored …you’ve got it. The only thing I enjoy more than cooking is sharing it with those I love. Awww how sickeningly cliche, but it’s true. Through the ages love has been expressed through music, poems, art. I express mine through cooking.

Now that my boys are older I’m hoping to expand my repertoire. My cooking has generally been fairly Midwestern.  I have cooked like my grandma taught me, hearty meals, cooked slow. A meat, a starch and a veggie. While this wonderful comfort food has it’s place, my 40 year old taste buds (and waistline) are ready for a change. I’m not swearing off chicken and dumplings but I want to experience more variety in my recipes. So this blog will track my journey and hopefully encourage me to reach a little further when I tempted to go back the same old standards each week.

I got some wonderful gifts for Christmas to help inspire me!


4 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. I’ve wanted a Kitchenaid for years. My mom surprised me with one. There are Custome decals online for it. Mine is actually white, so I think I’m going to pimp it out!
    Thanks for stopping by hun, I hope you and CJ had a magical first Christmas together.

  2. Heyyyyyyyyy Merry Christmas!!!! 🙂 For obvious reasons, I’m LOVING the cover on the cookbook!! lol

    What a wonderful new blog, Venus! Even though my son lives me with, he eats out ‘there’ usually – so I’m not doing nearly as much cooking as I used to. But I sooooo love it, and sometimes spend a weekend day just cooking yummy stuff for myself! LOL

    Can’t wait to see all that you come up with here – I’m going to Blogroll it and keep a napkin handy for the drooling.

    ummmumm GOOD!!

  3. Thanks Grace. I knew you’d like that one! I haven’t yet mastered wordpress. (I can’t even figure out how to change the font), but I will be creating my blogroll soon.
    Before I remarried, on weekends when the boys were with their dad, I would often do the same thing. I would make the most delightful dishes just for me! I’d set my table, light some candles and endulge myself. It was wonderful 🙂

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