So my cabinets are admittedly bare. Due to the Holiday season I have not been legitimate grocery shopping for a couple of weeks. I did go out today to buy the ingredients I need for the Ahi appetizer this evening but that’s about it. 

The boys are gone for the weekend and Troy and I are headed to a party around 8pm. I suddenly realized we would need to eat a light dinner before the party.

The reason I’m posting this is to give an example how I cook on a regular basis – I IMPROVISE.

I scoured the kitchen I came up with 3 frozen chicken breast, 2 packages of Ramen noodles and a head of Cabbage. It doesn’t really sound very tasty does it?

 I sliced the chicken and sprinkled it with some Thai Seasoning I had in the pantry. If I hadn’t had Thai Seasoning, I would have improvised something else garlic, red pepper, whatever was available. I boiled Ramen in water seasoned with the seasoning that came in the package. I strained out the water and kept the noodles. If I hadn’t had ramen, maybe angel hair pasta cooked in chicken broth.  I sliced up about half of the cabbage and stir fried the cabbage and chicken in a mixture of Sesame oil and Chili Oil. If I hadn’t had cabbage I would have used julienne carrots or red peppers.  I seasoned the stir-fry with low salt soy sauce. After tasting it was too spicy so I added a little bit of brown sugar.  I tossed the stir-fry with the noodles and wa-la a pretty tasty dinner that cost practically nothing and was done in less than 30 minutes. So here it is, not especially beautiful, not gourmet, not even the slightest bit difficult but not bad for a spur of the moment dinner.


7 thoughts on “

  1. ok…this looks delich.

    I’m now off to the kitchen for breakfast. LOL

    Isn’t it fun to improvise??? I’ve been cooking since I was a kid (bet you have too!) and won my first and only blue ribbon for it 🙂

    I can see I’m going to learn lots from you. And when Mr. Wonderful FINALLY shows up this year – his stomache will definitely be thanking YOU!!

  2. “I Improvised” should probably be engraved on my tombstone. It’s pretty much the way I’ve gotten through life.

    I’m hoping to learn a a lot myself, that’s one of the reasons I’ve started the blog. I’ve been cooking since I was 8 but I’ve never had the luxuary of really honing my skills. I’m very excited to focus my energies towards my cooking passion this year.

  3. Venus? You’re here? I musta missed alot while I’ve been gone. Been having terrible trouble seeing lately and I just haven’t been able to see much lately and been trying to just write a little at a time when I can actually see.

    I love you.

    Welcome to wordpress! Best wishes to you and your new blog!

    Peace, love and understanding.

  4. Oh honey, I’m so sorry to hear that. Rest your eyes and know that you are in my prayers daily. Yes, new year/new blog. It’s one of New Year’s resolutions. Take some time to pursue my passions and this is one of them. I’m hope you don’t mind if I link to some of your FABULOUS vegitarian recipes!

  5. Looks great V! This is exactly how I cook 🙂 CJ only cooks with recipes (he’s an AMAZING cook – did the entire xmas fare by himself and it was fabulous), and I only without them! When we want a lavish affair, he’s in charge. When we only have three ingredients in the cupboard, I’m in charge!

  6. Simonne we should get together and cook sometime. We would have a blast creating fabulous one of kind masterpieces!
    You gotta love a man who can cook. Troy hasn’t gone past grilling yet, but I’m working on him 😉

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