New Year’s Day

We spent the day doing practically nothing.  We reluctantly got out of our comfy PJ’s and braved the single digit weather to make a quick thrift store run – New Year’s Day 50% off Sale. I got a great serving bowl and some vintage glasses, which I needed like I need a hole in my head but how do you pass on 50% off?

The boys had stayed up up til 6am celebrating New Year’s eve with their friends. (It’s like a badge of honor to stay up as late as you can at that age. It apparently gives you bragging rights to your friends) They slept until very late in the afternoon so we came home to a very quiet house.  It’s the last day of holiday before we head back to work and I decided to embrace my laziness. Troy made coffee and I dined on gingersnaps all day.  After a long afternoon nap and catching up on some email, I mustered the energy to make dinner. I picked up some saffron and a new skillet over Christmas and was anxious to use it.  I had my heart set on Paella, but when I mentioned it to the boys and the hubby they all groaned. They had never heard of Paella.  I guess I didn’t do it justice describing it because they weren’t swayed.   We decided instead to have Tequila Shrimp and Asadaro Quesadilla’s and Chicken Flautas.  The saffron would have to wait for another day. Actually this was a better decision because it took much less effort.

For the Chicken Flauta’s filling I had leftover rotisserie chicken. I finely chopped it and sauteed it in a skillet with some olive oil, onions, green chilies, cumin, chili powder, garlic and some crushed tomatoes. I then rolled the filling up in corn tortillas that I had softened in warm oil and baked them on a cookie sheet at 425 until they were crispy.  They turned out really good.

I made tequila shrimp quesadillas with a recipe I found on Chow Hound   *By the way for those of you with and Aldi near by you can pick up some great mexican staples. They even have asadora cheese but it’s labeled Mexican Quesadilla Cheese. I wasn’t really impressed with this recipe. The shrimp smelled fantastic by itself, but the flavor seem to get lost in the cheese. If I make it again I’d do something to spice it up.  The boys loved it though. They pigged out. I’m not sure why, but as mom , it makes my heart all warm to see them devour my food. I must have some Italian in my somewhere….


4 thoughts on “New Year’s Day

  1. Oh wow! I’m wondering if you could substitute the shrimp with chicken? I absolutely love cooking and marinating with Tequila too! One of my favourite recipes, in fact, is “Drunken Chicken” (you guessed it…marinated in Tequila, lime, honey, garlic and a touch of salt). Rum works okay too for slow roasts and chicken served with spiced fruit compotes (but it tends to get a touch strong if it doesn’t “burn off”). I will need to try this recipe! Darnit…

    Tummy’s grumblin…!

    Thanks for the food tips (and I hope to hear more about your cook ware, utensils and other foodie tastes too…love kitchen gadgets and serving ware…).

  2. Yum! Thanks for the tips! What is it about Chickens that lends them to being such lushes? Drunken chicken and my family’s favorite – Beer in the Butt Chicken, Margarita chicken. I may have to do a series on Alcoholic Poultry!

  3. >I had my heart set on Paella, but when I mentioned it to the boys and the hubby they all groaned. They had never heard of Paella.

    WTMF? That’s almost criminal. You better scare ’em straight, V.

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