Better than Sex?

It was reported recently that more than 50% of Americans would rather eat a memorable dinner than experience a great night of sex. So I’ve been sneaking food porn into our Netflix que.  I’ve gone into our que and  quietly and moved Troy’s foreign documentaries down the list and moved my Foodie flicks up.

 Due to my circumstances, I didn’t see many movies in the 90’s, so I’m indulging myself by catching up. 

Last night’s movie was “Big Night” If you are passionate about anything, especially food, you must see this film (or see it again).  Big Night captures beautifuly and with humour the powerful emotions that food can express in our relationships. One of the messages the film brought across, through Primo the older brother, was to never compromise your passions. I like that one. 

I’m planning on taking some classes at the   Kansas City Culinary Center this year. While flipping through their schedule I noticed a class called Big Night.

The class recreates the meals from movie including Timpano the amazing dish that Primo wows everyone with. It is traditionally made in a metal tub and consists of layers and layers of beautiful Italian stars such as homemade ragu, sausage, pasta, vegetables, hard boiled eggs etc. — all layered between hand-made pastry dough.  WOW! 

 Better than sex? I don’t know about that. but I can have sex anytime – Timpano? I would imagine it’s a once in a lifetime experience


4 thoughts on “Better than Sex?

  1. If you make Timpano, you have to invite me over!

    I love that movie.

    Have you seen Babette’s Feast? It’s French food porn illustrating bonds among women.

  2. I haven’t seen Babettes Feast in years. It’s on my list to watch again. I think I would appreciate it much more this time.

    If I make Timpano, I’ll have to invite every friend I have over! Holy COw!

  3. I have never heard of Timpano, but I’ll try any type of food once. As far as sex and food is concerned…good food can be like good sex for me. The word “food-gasm” has a lengthy definition in the PM Dictionary…

    Foodgasm (food-gaz-im). The state of sensual ecstasy resulting from the ingestion of meticulously articulated food. This activity is often accompanied by a rather euphoric state that often mimicks an orgasm (eye-rolling, oohs and ahs included for effect).

    I think I need some chocolate now [whimpers…].

    Good post hun! Thanks for the foodie inspiration.

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