Good Friends, Good Food, Good Wine

This is a repost from my personal blog, but I wanted to move it over here because it’s my philosophy for the coming year.
Buono Appetit!

Thank you Federico Fellini! I watched Amarcord again last night and found myself complete enamored with these beautiful Italian women. Gorgeous, confident, goddesses, most of whom where pushing a size 14. Did these women hide behind large sweaters and baggy pants? Hell no. They wore form fitting clothing that showed off their voluptuous curves. They felt sexy and it showed.

Being a woman, I of course carefully scrutinized every angle of the leading lady. During the movie I would find myself comparing my arms, my legs, my hips, my chest etc. against this women. I think I dreamt about her last night. This morning I stopped in front of the bathroom mirror. I looked over my naked body, not with contempt as I usually do, but with a new appreciation. I modeled for myself; turned sideways, looked over my back side and for the first time in a long time I liked what I saw. I felt sexy. I was thankful for the roundness of my shoulders and the shape of my hips. I was Botticelli’s Venus, minus the long hair and it felt wonderful.

The media has done such a wonderful job of making us hate our bodies. We idealize the size 2 women who’s body frankly looks like a teenage boy. If that is your natural body type than good for you. It’s our differences that make us fascinating, but I prefer a woman’s body.

I’m determined to hold on to this mindset…maybe I should only watch vintage Italian movies from now on.

 As I mentioned in an earlier post, I want to embrace life. Good Wine, Good Food, Good Friends. I’m calling it the Sophia Loren lifestyle.  I imagined looking back over my life and one of the things that stuck out as a huge waste of time, bordering on the ridiculous, was trying to deny myself so that I could hold myself to some ideal, that in truth, didn’t even matter to me. So listen here universe. I love cheese! I love wine! Give me a good bloody steak every once in while. Skip dessert? Hell no, bring on the chocolate. I will enjoy a brisk walk out in the crisp fall air, because of the beauty that surrounds me, not because it will burn 800 calories. I’m having sex with the lights on.

Viva la Venus! 

6 thoughts on “Good Friends, Good Food, Good Wine

  1. I watched the first episode of Look Good Naked on Lifetime last night. Queer Eye’s Carson is taking on body dysmorphia one woman at a time. In the end, they do a nude photoshoot.

  2. I watched it to. I was telling Troy about it this morning. I really liked the concept. Carson had some great visual evidence on how our self perception can be really off base. He seems like such a doll too – I miss my gay guy friends. 😦

  3. Viva la Venus, and amen to that! I’m with you on the Sophia Lauren lifestyle too. As the proud owner of five extra pounds, I’m happy to say that they are going to “stay-put” for a while. I’m liking the curves…and the way my body feels for once (without haggling the scale and treadmill to shave off a pound or two). Maybe, this is the acceptance of ageing…or maybe it’s a new kindness that I’m showing myself. Whatever it is, I’m liking it!

    You go girl!

  4. I’m going with “a new kindness I’m showing myself” We can never show ourselves too much kindness in fact it’s most often the opposite.

    I’m looking forward to seeing some recipes!

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