Oh yes you heard me correctly. I guess this is a food fad that is crossing the nation, and as usual, by living in the Midwest, I’m always the last to know. 

 I was siting on my couch this evening preparing next weeks menu with Alton Brown playing in the background.  I wasn’t paying much attention because the thought of pickling makes me miss my garden and spring is still months away.  As I studied recipes and typed away I glanced up and saw Alton adding packages of Kool-Aid to a jar of pickles, needless to say that got my attention. 

So I googled for the recipe and came up with “Koolicles” I love the combination of sweet and sour so this sounds grotesquely intriguing. Apparently these oddities are gaining so much popularity that according to Trend magizine they are already beginning to be professionally manufactured, bottled and sold.

The recipes seem to differ and I can’t find Alton’s.  I think I’m going to combine a few different ones.

Jar of dill pickles
2 Packages of Kool-aid
4 cups of sugar

Pour out pickle juice, mix a couple 2 cups water, the drink mix and sugar. Pour into pickle jars. Let sit in fridge for at least 24 hours.

I’ll let you know how they turn out because I now have Pickles and Jamacian Flavored Kool-Aid added to my weekly grocery list!

4 thoughts on “Koolickles

  1. I guess I’ve been living under a rock too V…!? Koolickles? What the f*&^?

    Let me know how they turn out…I’m not sure that I’m convinced about those combination of flavours right now….

    Koolickles??? [scratching my head in disbelief….].


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