45 Days Later

Time really does fly when your having fun! I’ve been very busy this last month and a half. Blogging is very far down on my priority list right now. I’m working my coroporate job until March 28th and trying to get my new business off the ground. Add that to the kids busy schedules, the housework that I’m failing miserably at and a wonderfully active social life and there isn’t much time left for putting two sentences together.

I had my first cook date for my first official client on Monday. It was exciting, but much more nerve racking than I expected. It was a great learning experience though. First and foremost I learned that I’ve GOT TO BE MORE ORGANIZED.  That’s not one of my strong points, but it was the cause of most of my stress.  I also learned that I will need to insure my temporary office (the client’s kitchen), will not be invaded by nannnies, babies and a cleaning crew. Their interuptions really threw me off my game for a while. Thank God, I’m used to cooking with three kids, two dogs, two cats and a husband in the kitchen. The only difference is at my home, I can tell them all to GET OUT OF MY KITCHEN!

For my cleint’s first week I made them:

1. Filet Medallions in a Wine and Wild Mushroom Sauce with Roasted Garlic mashed Potatoes, Balsamic Buttered Green Beans 2. Caribbean Jerk Chicken with Spinach/Strawberry Salad and Brown Rice 3. Pecan Crusted Tilapia with Wild Rice Pilaf and Steamed Vegetables 4 Chicken Enchiladas in Chipolte Red Sauce with black bean and yellow rice
5. Barbequed Pulled Pork with curry spiced butter buns and roasted Potato Fingerlings, and Southwestern Corn

She called me on her cell phone as soon as she walked in the door to tell me how amazing her house smelled and then contacted me the next day to say how much her family enjoyed their first meal. Success!!

My husband who has no web design experience is creating my website and  he’s doing an incredible job. Even if he does make me laugh when he’s taking my picture causing my eyes to completely disappear.

We have 6 months to make this into a viable business or back to the corporate world I will go.  Wish me luck!

3 thoughts on “45 Days Later

  1. Oh, Venus!!! This is SOOOOO friggin exciting!!! I think your website is FAB, and the menus sounds so delicious. Oh My God…you are DOING it, girl!!!! I’m so proud of you. So pleased. And I pray a rich wave of HUNGRY HAPPY Clients makes it way to you in just the right timing!!


  2. p.s. Blogging is for SISSIES, compared to what you are doing! LOL 😉 Who needs to blog with all that??? (but I’m sure glad you posted a little FYI!!!)

  3. Praying for a wave of “rich” hungry happy clients wouldn’t hurt either! 😉
    Thanks for the encourgement doll!

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