Blogging While I Can

Who knows when I will be back. I’m going to blog twice today, only because I just made a a quick lunch and I thought I would share.  Sooo easy and really quite good. I took a chicken breast, sliced it in the middle(not all the way through) and stuffed it with Pesto and Asiago Cheese. ( I had a prepared bottle of pesto and asigo on hand) Parmesan would be yummy too. Sundried tomatoes would be fantastic so throw some in if you have them (I didn’t)

I picked up a little Foreman Grill for 7 bucks last week and wanted to try it out, so I  brushed the stuffed chicken with olive oil, seasoned with salt and pepper and put in on the grill. It only took about 6 minutes and voila:


Not bad for a 6 minute meal!


4 thoughts on “Blogging While I Can

  1. I came to check my messages and saw your post. My heart smiled. I’m glad your back. I’ve missed you. 🙂
    Easy and yummy – You can’t beat that combination!

  2. I love mine too. This last couple of weeks I’ve bought a foreman grill, a bread maker and an electric rice cooker. They are so easy that it feels like cheating. I feel so dirty..but so satisfied. 😈

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