Spring has Sprung

Ok, Not a very original title, but I needed to say it out loud to believe it since my cold toes think it is still December.  Our temperatures have been consistently below normal this spring but it has not kept the tell-tale signs of spring from blossoming.

Speaking of Blossoming -Proof of Spring Exhibit A

My Apple Tree

Exhibt B

Love is in the air as shown by my oldest son and his adorable girlfriend

Exhibit C

My middle son celebrated his 17th birthday this weekend with his friends, by laying down some tracks on their CD and playing video games

Exhibit D

My baby headed off to prom

Ok, toes! Do you need anymore proof. It’s here. I promise!!

I still haven’t been able to plant much due to the frost warnings. I’ve got a few herbs growing in pots but my veggies are still in packets on the kitchen table. 

Update -I took my first certification class from the USPCA (United States Personal Chef Association) and should be getting the results in a couple of days. Keeping my fingers crossed!



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