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10 hottest emerging careers that you might not know about”  

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Two years ago when I started talking about becoming a Personal Chef, everyone looked at me like I was crazy. Who leaves a lucrative job with a good company to pursue a career that no one has heard of ?  Actually,  once I explained what a Personal Chef was, every reaction I got was positive…even from my mom who is notoriously negative. I got reactions that ranged from “Wow, what a really great concept. I could use a Personal Chef myself” to “I would love to do that for a living”.

I had a hysterectomy in April of 2006 and I spent my six weeks of recovery time creating a life plan for myself.  I read about the Personal Chef career and knew immediately that it was for me. I spent the next two years formulating a business plan, collecting recipes and paying down my debt. In April of 2008 when my company offered a Voluntary Separation Package – I knew it was my time. Thankfully my family agreed and encouraged me to go for it.  

I’m always amazed that this hasn’t taken off in the Kansas City area yet. There are a few successful PC’s in the area but in general most people still don’t know what Personal Chef is or how it benefits them. In Midwest terms “The fields are ripe and the harvest is plentiful.” and I’m planning on reaping.

Thankfully my severance package from Sprint, is allowing me to take my time. I’m currently taking classes from the Culinary Business Academy, cooking at reduced rates for friends and family and getting all my ducks in a row, so to speak. I’ve also reached out to Anton at Wines for Humanity to see about a becoming a consultant. An opportunity that would pair perfectly with my PC business.   We have a vacation scheduled for the first week in June. When we get back that is my cue to start full force and make this thing work. I’m so excited and relatively calm for a person who’s steady paycheck is slowly fading away.

I am by nature a person who can stress about anything but this opportunity has so many positives that I having trouble finding a downside.  Now if the Internet would just keep quiet about what a fantastic opportunity this is so I can have a clear playing field, I would appreciate it. I don’t want you all quitting your jobs to become my competition.  Just kidding, in Kansas City  there are enough  busy, hungry, stressed families looking for relief, to go around!

2 thoughts on “Shhhhh….

  1. ((( Venus ))) You are definitely my Heroine! 🙂 This post is just filled with all kinds of lovely energy…enthusiasm, vision, focus, intent.

    You’re going to be at the top of that heap, girl.

    “Kansas City…Kansas City Here she comes…..”

    can you hear me singing? 😉

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