In the eye of the beholder…

My buddy Toast  (who got it from Average Jane) asked for readers to post their ugliest and/or tackiest home decor items. If ever there were a post was made for me, this would be it. I spend almost every weekend scouring thrift stores, flea markets, garage sales searching for treasures. I’m attracted to to colorful whimsical odd characters (just look at my husband) and I love to fill my home with them.

BTW – My obsession had moved to the outside too. I love my garden gnomes and strange garden creatures. I cried when I went to move my  Donkey Planter I got on a trip to Matamoros and it crumbled in my hands.

I excitedly went to grab my camera and start shooting, and after three pictures the darned thing let me know it was out of batteries. So these may not be the ugliest as I didn’t get to photograph my vintage Harlequin lamp, or my flamingo pictures, or my picture of a of a young women with extremely large feet drinking from a coconut…but these will give a taste of my tacky decor.

I’ve never met a chicken I didn’t like. My Kitchen window is full of them and in the midst of the group of colorful poultry sits a happy little pink pig teapot.

I had to beg the thrift store girl to climb up on a ladder and sell me this guy. She refused telling me that the stuff up on the top the shelf was to ugly to sell and wasn’t even priced. It took two trips but I finally convinced her.

Awww my coveted fish lamp. It came with a house my mom lived in for a while. I begged for years to obtain it and finally last Christmas it was wrapped and under my tree.


But by far the absolute ugliest/wierdest thing I have in my house would be Mr. Chickenwig. No, that’s not mispelled, my equally odd husband named him…but I must agree it’s fitting name.

So lets see it. Post of picture of the the oddest/tackiest decor in your home!




5 thoughts on “In the eye of the beholder…

  1. Oh my gosh….You’re BACK!!! Seems like MONTHS of just meatloaf and I was disparing that you would ever find the time to visit Blogville again. Look at you go, girl! 🙂

    “Tacky”??? nahhhh


    🙂 LOVE your stuff!

  2. In all my visits to your house, I’ve never noticed the clown painting. I must be really good at repression. That thing is frightening!

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