Going to the Chapel…

…Ok it was the furthest thing from a chapel, but I did attend a wonderful wedding this weekend. It was held in beautiful loft with hardwood floors, exposed brick walls and a fabulous view of the city. Not your typical couple, not your typical wedding. The groom wore jeans and cowboy boots and the gorgeous bride wore a vintage beaded strapless dress that showed off her tattooed arms. There were aluminum buckets filled with PBR and a table set up with large bottles of Jim Beam and cans of coke. This was my kind of wedding!

We were blessed to be able to a part of this event. Our band, Cass County Lamenters got to play for the reception. It was so much fun. We specialize in sad old cry in your beer type country music and the crowd both young and old seemed to appreciate it. Many were singing along or taking a twirl on the dance floor. It was probably the best time I’ve had singing.

On top of getting our songs ready the bride offered me the opportunity to help cater. She had most of it catered but at the last minute (Thursday 🙂 ) was worried she did have enough food. She asked me to provide some veggie trays, bread/dip bowls and chicken skewers) It was a little daunting but I did it! I decided to make Vegetable bouquets that thanks to help from my Sous chef (Hubby) turned out beautiful, I also made bread bowl and spinach dip. I made the loaves myself. The chicken skewers took the longest. I marinaded 12 lbs of chicken in a rosemary marinade and then grilled them on my tiny little Foreman grill. It took a while but they turned out great and I served them with a 3 citrus aoili. YUM!
With lots of prayer and a little planning,everything turned out fabulous. I got see some old friends and meet new ones. Everyone had a terrific time. Every wedding should be so fun!

Some Pics!
Veggie bouquet and view of Kansas City

Bread Bowls

The wiskey table

Cass county Lamenters

Did I mention hardwood floors?
My feet at 4pm

My feet at Midnight


2 thoughts on “Going to the Chapel…

  1. hehe nice tennies 🙂 I have your basic black pair, your basick pink pair, and one pair of hightops in choco brown and pink. LOL

    The food looks yummy, you all look BEAUTIFUL, and I wish I had been there…sounds like GOOD TIMES and I LOVE to wear my cowgirl boots 😛

    HUGS, Goddess!!!


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