Just Breathe…

Oh my Gosh what a whirl wind these last few weeks have been!  At the end of June I finished all my classes at the Culinary Business Academy and passed the required tests. I am now a member of the United States Personal Chef Association which has been an incredible help with the start of this journey. In July I obtained all the required business licenses for my new business and started getting the word out.  I haven’t spent a dime in “real” advertising yet, just newsletters and press releases but that got me busy and quick!

It truly has been trial by fire but so far everything has worked out great. I’m getting to meet some wonderful people. The best part about this business is that I feel like I’m finely doing something that actually matters. Last week I got the privilege to provide meals for a women who just came through a double mastectomy. She won’t be able to lift her arms for a few weeks so her friends got together and purchased my services.  I felt so blessed. Yesterday I was hired by a client who reminded me so much of my oldest son. He had to be in his mid-twenties and was raising his two year old boy as a single dad.  My heart went out to him. I wished I could have cooked for all of these clients for free, but I am keeping my prices as low as I possibly can.  I just love having a job that doesn’t require me sitting behind a desk, stressing over decisions that really don’t matter a hill of beans in the scheme of life.

Best of all, I am home so much more now. My boys are growing up fast and I am once again so blessed to be able to enjoy spending time with them this summer. They are also my guinea pigs for testing all my new recipes!

I”m going to try to get back into the blogging routine. Actually I’m trying to get in a routine- period. It’s a little overwhelming but I’m sure any new job is. I just need to remember why I am doing it.  Come to think of it, I really need to write my online friend Bill a letter of gratitude. He is the most wonderful man who’s blog The Dying Mans Journal really got me thinking. I knew I was killing myself with my corporate job, it was literally making me sick. His posts made me realize that no one is guaranteed a long life and that we should never take it for granted. I started dreaming about what I really wanted and putting my priorities in order.  God gave me a passion for cooking and for people so why was I killing myself at a job I hated, managing projects that I didn’t give a flying fig about….all they were doing was working me into an early grave – So thank you dear Bill for your wisdom and inspiration.  You are a true earth angel!!!

Of all the lessons I’m learning in this crazy magical time one of the most important is breathe – just breathe!

7 thoughts on “Just Breathe…

  1. Venus! Congratulations! What a huge thing to have accomplished and it sounds so very rewarding already. I wish all the best for your amazing new buisness! I’m so looking forward to hearing more about it as you get back into blogging 🙂

  2. (((( Venus ))))

    Reading this is SO fantastic and my heart just swelled with JOY for you and from you! I ‘know’ that you are making a huge difference by following your bliss 🙂 Your hands are anointed and it looks like God is throwing open the doors for you. YEAH! I want to cry right now…for happiness for you…and for the wonder of seeing what it ‘looks’ like to have dreams turn into reality.

    I’m not going to give up….you’re such an inspiration!

    love you!

  3. I want to cry right because of your kindness. Thanks so much. Your dreams are coming true too, I can just feel it! Follow your heart goddess!

  4. This really is fantastic, you are following your dreams. I am proud of you and know you will do well.
    I thank you so much for the kind comments about me and my blog but I really do think you are being to kind. It was you my friend that had the courage to follow your dream. All credit goes to you.
    Looking forward to reading much more about your on going ventures.

  5. I’m not being kind at all, just honest. Oh I know God would have used whatever tools necessary to help direct me to the path he/she called me to but the truth is God chose your website and your words to call me out. Thanks you for your courage to write so honestly during such a trying time. I spent many evenings waiting for Troy to come home just so I could read him something from your blog and we would talk for hours about how it related to our lives. Soon after everything lined up perfectly for me to take the next steps, but you most definitely influence my decision and in opening my eyes and ears to what the Spirit was telling me.

  6. I thank you so much my friend. I feel honored to have played any part in your life. I am so proud of you and know you will do well.
    It is so gratifying to read comments such as this, it make it all worth it. All the times I dragged my lazy butt to the computer when I would have preferred to stay in bed. I thank you for this encouragement to keep going.
    To me it is important to never loose sight of where any credit is justly do. I have journaled about my daily routine that I follow every day before I write anything. I say a short prayer, asking for guidance in finding the words that may help anyone out there today. I then ask the Archangels and all the Angels in the Heavens to be at my side and guide my thoughts as I write, again to help or inspire anyone out there. If I do come up with something that helps, really no credit is mine.
    Thank you and bless you my friend

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