Carnival and Corndogs

This weekend was busy with band business as opposed to food business. The Cass County Lamenters were asked to perform at El Dorado Springs, Missouri’s 127th founders day celebration.

Never heard of El Dorado Springs? That’s OK, I hadn’t either, so I’ll share with you what I now know. El Dorado Springs was founded in 1981 on a natural spring that was said to have healing properties. It was quite the hot spot a hundred years ago as people traveled from all over the country to drink the mineral laden water. It’s now a town of about 4000 located on the border of the Missouri Ozarks and the Kansas Prairie. It’s charming middle America at it’s best and at least the night we were there, gave us the feeling of stepping back into our childhood.
The city puts on a three day founders festival every year and it’s quite the shindig.

The community band which never practices but site reads it’s music is emceed by 97 year old part-time promoter/ full-time beautician Lillian Sunderwirth

While this weekend wasn’t about food, that’s not to say there wasn’t plenty of food to be had! As a matter of fact I think I’ve discovered the new food pyramid!

Corn dogs are healthy right? I mean “corn” is a veggie.

And for a religious experience how about some Tornado Taters and the Almighty!

We walked around a bit in the 90+ heat, turned down the man passing out “free New Testaments” and found our way to a blissfully air conditioned corner bar. We hid from the oppressive heat until time for our show. I didn’t get any pictures except this one from my phone but you can see it was a very rowdy crowd,

We shared the stage with “The Great Rondalo” and “Duke Mason”

It was dark when we left the stage and cool enough to venture around again so Toast, Kaite and I left the boys behind to explore the carnival. We managed to ride the Ferris Wheel but were RUDELY kicked off of the Merry-Go-Round. I guess the blue chicken is reserved for cute little girls with pigtails.

We had to leave around 11:30 to make the two hour trip back home. I would have liked to have stayed longer but Troy had two more shows with two different bands on Saturday. A weekend full of music, carnivals and corndogs! You can’t beat that.


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