Go Plant Your Victory Garden

I saw mention of Victory Gardens in a post on a website I frequent. It sounded familiar but I generally paid more attention to the boys in school then to my history teacher’s ramblings. So after a quick Wiki check it seems that good ol’ Uncle Same encouraged people during WWI and II to grow their own fruits, vegetables and herbs to reduce the stress on the public food supply. (I do remember learning about food rations) Everyone from New York City apartment dwellers to Iowa homesteads got into the act.

As we get further and further into a recession why not think about planting your own “Victory Garden”? Victory over rising food costs, victory over large growing corporations, victory over unhealthy pesticides.

If you have room enough for a pot then you have room enough to grow a vegetable or few herbs. 4 tomato plants will produce more than enough tomatoes for your family and your friends.

I have a very small raised garden with tomatoes, squash, lettuce, cucumbers and bell peppers. I bought 4 tomato plants for less than $5 and am filling my freezer with enough to last me all year long!

My deck and my window sills are full of herbs. They are beautiful, grow like weeds and smell like heaven! I harvest my basil on a daily basis and it just keeps growing.

Use all sorts of herbs in your flower beds. Lettuce can make a beautiful addition to your borders or potted arrangements.

Have you seen the price for a couple of sprigs of fresh herbs in the grocery store?? Walk past them – go over their garden center and pick up a potted herb. It’s not only cheaper, it’s much more convenient. You pick what you need and it keeps growing back. It doesn’t go bad sitting in your refrigerator. No – It just gets healthier and produces even more! It’s a no brainer folks.

Find some space and grow something. As a matter of fact grow a whole lot of something! Once you’ve got all you can use, sell your surplus to a local restaurant (or a personal chef) and use that money to buy someone else’s surplus from their Victory Garden. Or better yet barter your tomatoes for their corn. It’s a win-win. You get the thrill of watching your seeds take root and produce fruit, you get to eat healthier and much more delicious vegetable then are available at the grocery store and you get to save money!


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