Kitchen Envy

Kitchen Envy.  I think Freud would describe it as the reaction of a woman (or man) during her culinary development to the realization that she does not have and will probably never have the kitchen of her dreams. It is one of the hazards of my new career. On the other hand while I am tortured with jealousy and my own kitchen’s inadequacies, I do get to play in the most gorgeous kitchen I’ve ever seen. I compare it to a car enthusiast who due to financial circumstances, drives his well used, but dependable clunker -But every few days gets paid to drive a Ferrari around town. Not a bad deal at all. It’s actually a thrill. Kitchens created by critically acclaimed designers, with their imported stone counter tops, under the counter refrigerated cabinets, pro-style convection gas ranges, and sub-zero refrigerators tastefully integrated and hidden in the cabinetry. Heaven must be like this 🙂

I was in one of those kitchens this weekend. I catered a wedding brunch for 40. It was a beautiful house, a beautiful kitchen and beautiful family.  I hope that my food in some way added to that. The simple brunch consisted of assorted frittatas ,pastries, a tropical fruit salad, and bagels with smoked salmon and cream cheese. I also served a variety of juices and coffee.

Everyone raved and I gave out lots of cards. I can’t help but thinking that that kitchen made my food look much more “upscale”  than it actually was. Either way,  I’ll take it!


6 thoughts on “Kitchen Envy

  1. oh dear God, Venus….You look SPECTACULAR and I’m NOT kissing your cooking little backside! lol That photo right there? GIRL – we’re talking TV! BOOKS! TALK SHOWS!

    I can see it!!!!

    (I believe I have photo envy,,,, lol ;)…)

    look at you GO!!!

  2. Oh yeah baby! I’m with Grace, I can see it too! And I can see from the photo how lovely the kitchen is. How wonderful that your business is going so well 🙂 🙂

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