My first press!

It’s not the New York times, but I’m excited to see it. The first press about my new business (other than press releases I’ve written) is in The Journal, a Cass County publication. Front page with a picture!

The Personal Chef—A Time-Saving and Healthful Alternative to the Drive-Thru

By Laurie Bassett
Journal Reporter

Could a personal chef be your family’s answer to the mad, after-school-activity-rush, fast-food dilemma? Not just for on the go families, it could also be a stress reducer for dual career couples or for singles who don’t want the hassle of preparing meals just for themselves.

Wanting to do something she truly enjoyed, Venus Van Horn researched and began her own personal chef business. She now provides nutritious meals for others while simplifying a sometimes stressful time of the day.
“I have 30 plus years of cooking experience, a passion for fabulous food and most importantly a desire to provide a service that enriches peoples’ lives,” explained Van Horn. “My business isn’t only about providing healthy home cooked meals, but about giving my clients back some time into their hectic schedules.”

Flexibility is the very essence of what a personal chef can bring to a household. For those wishing to hire Van Horn, she first schedules a free in-home consultation to learn their likes, dislikes and dietary needs. She then plans a customized menu around their preferences. On the scheduled cooking day, she arrives at the client’s home with all the groceries, equipment, utensils, and know-how. After a few hours of cooking, she leaves her client with up to two weeks of dinners, all packaged individually, labeled with heating instructions, and refrigerated or frozen. Clients come home to a clean kitchen and the delicious aroma of home-cooked meals. Now, in a matter of minutes and with minimal prep time, the client can serve a gourmet meal and get on with the evening’s activities.

“Perhaps the biggest misconception about personal chef service,” said Van Horn, “is that it is reserved for the “rich and famous.” That is no longer true. If you can afford a lawn service or a cleaning service, then chances are you can afford my services. My clients range from busy professionals to seniors with special dietary needs. Many of my clients have received this service as a one-time birthday or anniversary gift and enjoyed the food and free time (up to 15 hours per week which can now be devoted to other pursuits) so much that they have decided to continue to enlist me full time. Knowing that a healthy and delicious dinner was at home waiting for them was a luxury they enjoyed too much to let go.”

Van Horn a member of the United States Personal Chef Association (USPCA) and is dedicated to excellence in the industry. She also does catering for special events. For more information or to schedule a consultation, she can be reached at her website or by calling 816-914-0481.


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