Yesterday I was told that you had passed. After all these years of looking for you, I found you too late.
I  hope that you now know all the things I wanted to tell you but never got the chance. You literally changed my life without even knowing it.  After our last meeting, 23 years ago, I went home and cried. I sat in the basement and prayed for you. I was at a loss of how to minister to you and in my ignorance I cried out to God “What are you trying to teach Jeff through me?” over and over – then it happened, the shell that had been built around me cracked and I saw the light seep into my soul and heard the still quiet voice say “I am trying to teach you through Jeff.” That moment changed my life. It started me on a journey of relearning God.
I always thought that I would see you again, give you a giant hug and tell you how much my life changed because of you. I wanted to say I was sorry and I wanted it to be in person.  I hope that your life was full of love and that you were surrounded in peace as you passed on to the next one. I love you my friend and am a better person for knowing you.


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