Ozark Beauty

Troy and I had a lovely walk through the Dolomite glades in Ha Ha Tonka. I am falling in love with the Ozarks. There are so many different terrains that I feel as if I’m in a entirely different region with every new direction we decide to explore. I’m also entranced by the beauty of the wildflowers. I only had my phone for pictures. I’m posting the few I captured on June 7th.  I purchased a book to identify them after we returned home. There are some I’m not quite sure about since I only have the photos to reference but we will be going back soon and often and I hope to get a lot more photos in my collection

sensitive briar
Sensitive Briar
blue phlox
daisy fleabane
Daisy Fleabane
Jacobs ladder
Jacob’s Ladder
missouri coneflowers
Missouri Coneflower
mo coneflowers dolomite glad
Missouri Coneflower on Dolomite Glade
possibly aster
Purple Astar – possibly?
russula shroom
Russula Mushroom – again possibly?
spiderwort possibley


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