My gym


Three days a week I have to report to gym to do my walking under supervision, but two days a week, I get to strap on my heart monitor and do it on my own. Today we hiked a trail in Swope Park (KCMO). I’m always amazed that these places exist right inside the city limits. It was a little difficult keeping my heart rate in the targeted range due to the steep inclines of this trail, but I much prefer this gym to the clinic’s treadmill!
It was a gorgeous day and the view was much better than the gym’s large screen TVs.


And although I was techincally doing this without the usual supervision, I still felt as though I was being watched…

Rethinking weight loss

The HMR diet group I’m in, encourages us to lose 5-10 percent of our body weight as our goal. I reached my 5 percent goal today! One reason I’ve failed so miserable at diet attempts before is that I watching the scale and focusing on pounds. I wanted to be 135 like I was in my 20’s. I wanted to wear size 7 jeans and anything less always seemed like a failure. I would lose 5 or 10lbs and then just give up. It was too hard. I would never reach my goal so why try. 
 When I signed up for this weight loss study, I did so because I was tired and run down. Doctors always say diet and exercise, but I was never really given the tools, just the words and I didn’t know what to do with them. I knew that losing weight would be a benefit of this program, but I really just wanted to develop healthier habits. 
I have lost 9 pounds, 5 percent of my body weight. In my old dieting frame of mine, this wouldn’t have been a big deal, but now I know how that benefits me and it’s exciting. Here is a great article to explain what I mean.

Losing 5 percent wasn’t hard! And I am proud of myself. I’m already feeling better, sleeping better and yes, maybe even looking better. I’m eating healthier. I’m exercising 5 days a week. Losing the weight is just an added bonus. I’m going to keep at this and I’m confident I will continue to see progress, but it’s nice to know that in two weeks, I have already made a difference in my health!!

Memorial Weekend on HMR Diet

This weekend was difficult, as we traveled from Kansas City to Iowa and then down to Springfield, MO.
Successes -
*I was well prepared to the Iowa trip, with precut veggies and fruit and a plan in place. I got my exercise in and didn’t eat of the diet.
*I bought corn on the cob and asparagus to grill so I wouldn’t feel to left out when the hamburgers and hotdogs were being passed around.
*My chocolate, peanut butter, banana shake helped me keep away from the baked goodies.
*I didn’t eat any ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery

Failures -
*Putting away the mac and cheese, I snuck a bite, and then another and then another
*When my granddaughter had eaten all her ice cream, she gave the cone to me to throw away – I ate it.
*At the end of the four day weekend, after dropping my granddaughters of at home, we stopped to get gas. We were only an hour from home, but I was tired, hungry and grumpy. I bought a disgusting, greasy slice of gas station cheese pizza and ate every bite.
Here’s to a better rest of the week!

First week on HMR diet

I thought I would blog about my progress or struggles on the weight loss study that I am currently undergoing. So far there isn’t much to write home about. The weight loss phase consists of three protein shakes, two pre-packaged entrees and five servings of fruits and vegetables. The shakes are pretty good, the entree’s are Chef Boyardee at best and I’m eating way more fruits than veggies. The exercise is painfully slow. My target heart rate is only 109 right now and I have to walk (a leisurely pace) for 10 minutes at that rate. So easy that it seems like a huge waste of time to drive out the gym for it, but I am committed to doing this for the entire 15 month study.

I am starting this study at 180 lbs, my highest weight ever. I attribute the weight gain to leaving a very physical job, quitting smoking and age. I’ve developed terrible eating habits and even worse physical habits. I’ve gained 30 lbs in the last couple of years and at 47 it’s time for a change. I am tired of being tired and I hope that this program will set me on the right track. If nothing else I am getting paid for time ($1,500), free food for 3 months and free gym membership – good things to keep in mind when the drudgery hits. Oh yeah, did I mention no alcohol! That one is going to sting. I’m hoping that is only for the first 3 months, but either way that’s the entire summer! Staying social this summer is going to be interesting…

Here’s a link the program is your interested 



I went to an auction last night for the first time in years. It’s something I need to do more, as I am fascinated by the process. I could sit for hours without buying anything and consider it free entertainment. I especially love the vintage items. Each piece holds such history. Something as seemingly insignificant as a box of buttons, bring back memories of my mother and grandmother and their cans of buttons. When I was a little girl, I remember dumping them out on the table and studying each tiny masterpiece. I loved the way they felt in my fingers. I loved the muffled clicking sound they would make as I swirled them around. I loved the bright colors, the iridescent pearls, and the plastic ones that were cut to like gems. Apparently the other auction goers had similar memories or knew that they were fetching a good price on eBay, as the small boxes went for over $30. I did come away with a gorgeous vintage lace tablecloth, a brand new 100% cashmere shawl, a vintage Lennox brown suede purse and the piece de resistance – 1940’s metal clam-shell patio chair! (all for under $50)  It’s more than I was planning on or should have spent on our tight budget but it’s hard to have buyer’s remorse because I adore each item. I’ve been looking for a pair of the chairs for at least the last 20 years but refused to pay over $20 for one, I paid $17.50! 
I got home and began researching becoming an auctioneer. It cost about $1,000 to get certified in MO. Hmmm, something to think about. I not saying I’ll do it, but I’m ready to move into a new career, so I’m not leaving any stone unturned. 

Ozark Beauty

Troy and I had a lovely walk through the Dolomite glades in Ha Ha Tonka. I am falling in love with the Ozarks. There are so many different terrains that I feel as if I’m in a entirely different region with every new direction we decide to explore. I’m also entranced by the beauty of the wildflowers. I only had my phone for pictures. I’m posting the few I captured on June 7th.  I purchased a book to identify them after we returned home. There are some I’m not quite sure about since I only have the photos to reference but we will be going back soon and often and I hope to get a lot more photos in my collection

sensitive briar
Sensitive Briar
blue phlox
daisy fleabane
Daisy Fleabane
Jacobs ladder
Jacob’s Ladder
missouri coneflowers
Missouri Coneflower
mo coneflowers dolomite glad
Missouri Coneflower on Dolomite Glade
possibly aster
Purple Astar – possibly?
russula shroom
Russula Mushroom – again possibly?
spiderwort possibley